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Saturday, September 14, 2013 | 11:13 PM | 0Comment

Assalamualaikum and hi to all bloggers and non-bloggers out there xx

It's been awhile that I'm not blogging. I've been hiatus since the month of February okay. Actually, it just hard for me to type in English since I have a bad English pronunciation hm. But, yeah I try because I want to improve it. So really in this post ;; I do not know what to talk about hm. People be like "really you dont know what to talk ? It's been a long time you've been missing" so the answer is ;; yeah I do not know what to talk and what to say .

So , I've been missing because I need to study. And you know whaaaaat ? I've done with my UPSR test pfft. Now , I just need to focus towards my psra -.- lol , im so tired you know. Being a student , are just so depressed. But, everybody feel like me when they are little . huh. Talking about school result ;; I think I'm improve a little bit eceh hahaha. not a little bit but A LOT. 

Actually since I'm on hiatus , i just dont feel like want to start blogging back. But, i realize that i need to because blogging is my passion. My blogger friends also dont want to do it. Come on lah guys, lets go back to blogging xx hm yeaaaah !! And now i'm more active to twitter. Whoever don't follow my twitter yet , so you are welcoming to follow me hahahahaha

And did you know something, on the 2 weeks holiday on the month of June , I went to London. I complete one of my wishlistttttt yeaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!! It's just so fun being there and I just don't feel like want to come back to Malaysia. And i dont think i want to tell you the whole story of my vacation. I'm just lazy to type hehehe. So yeah , until we meet next time. Bye and Assalamualaikum